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PCC-XS Product Description

Included Resources

Storage 40 GB
Bandwidth $0.10 / GB
Public IP 2
Private IP 2
CPU Core 2
Port Speed 100 Mbps
OS Template Windows 2008 (R2), Windows 2012, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat*
*Additional charges may apply when using available template.

Suggested Usage

Power bloggers and rich media websites

The ability to handle the fluctuating and unpredictable traffic of today’s viral web is valuable to blogs and media-rich websites. Slow page loads, slow content downloads and website downtime are things you fear most. With PCC-XS, you have control over the server resources and can simply scale the server appropriately to accommodate the influx, and scale back when the extra capacity is no longer needed. This allows you to deliver your content quickly, securely and reliably.

Product Configuration

PCC-XS includes 2 Public IP Addresses. You can order up to 3 IP Addresses.

Backup space is external store which you can purchase in order to create image backups of your server. From these backups you will be able to create your own Templates for quicker and easier deployment. Backup Space is sold in 5GB increments.

The DevHost Cloud Management Service is a cloud hosting managed support package that provides an advanced level of technical support for your cloud server. For the full package details click here:
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Private Cloud Cluster - PCC-XS
$39.00 USD
Canada - GST @ 5%   $1.95 USD
Total Recurring: $40.95 USD Monthly

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